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Access to our sites with reduction

Access to our sites with reduction

The following groups are entitled to a reduction of the entry fees of our sites, or can enter for free:

  • With reduction (upon presentation of concerned card):

Youths 6-18
Youth movements
Teachers (exept 1 free visit with the teachers card)
Foreign military
Members WHI non-profit ass.
WIPO status
Article 27
Fed+ (max. 1 accompanying person)

  • For free (upon presentation of concerned card):

WHI employees + 1
Card 365
Holders of a statute of national acknowledgment
Card Riebedebie
Brussels Card
Chairperson and Board members of WHI societies + active staff + active volunteers (based upon an annual list supplied by the chairpersons)
Teachers (partnership with the teacher cards providing access for one visit per year)
Members Belgian Defence
Handicapped + buddy
Members of the WHI Board
Members of the WHI Scientific Council
Members of the WHI Heritage Council