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Children activity: The meanders of time

Come to the Royal Military Museum and partake in our latest adventure!

Children activity: The meanders of time

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The meanders of time

Hear hear, fearless adventurers!

Do you dare to defy the curse that was pronounced on the Gallery of Arms and Armour? The escape game "The meanders of time" takes families and groups of players ages 10 and up on an exciting journey into the past. Like real detectives, you go on a treasure hunt to discover how people lived in the Middle Ages and modern times: which civilian and military inventions saw the light of day? Which important events took place and which famous people are we still talking about today? What did people eat in the Middle Ages? Did animals play a role in war? The riddles can be solved with observation skills, perspicacity and above all team spirit!  

Are you ready for the adventure? 

  • Free tour, included in the entry price to the Royal Military Museum
  • Booklet with assignments can be downloaded below, or is available at the front desk at the Museum. Bring your own writing utensils!
  • No need to make a reservation

Available in Dutch and French. Please note that because the Walloon and Brussels vacation is later this year, the French version of the game will come online later.

Escape game - Dutch version