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Museum Night Fever 2022 @Military Museum

Let the artists do their thing!

Museum Night Fever 2022 @Military Museum

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Museum Night Fever 2022 @ Military Museum: Let the artists do their thing!


For this 2022 edition, the Military Museum welcomes ESAC (Superior School of Circus Arts) students, as well as the Brussels rock band Goodbye Fortune Tellers.  

Suspended from the building’s metal structures the artists wander through 10 centuries of history. Their bodies follow the musical rhythms to communicate with the rich collections and the incredible architecture of the Cinquantenaire palaces. Which presents you with a marvellous opportunity to (re)discover the museum in a unique light. Let the artists do their thing.


On the programme:


The ESAC students (Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque in Brussels) invite you to accompany them on a poetic path: the art of evoking, of suggesting sensations, of creating impressions between the artist’s body, the collection items and sounds coming to life in the Military Museum’s impressive architecture.

First-year students directed by Silvia Ubieta and Anthony Weiss will move collectively to a musical composition by Malik Djouad in the Bordiau Gallery. The second and third-year students will fill the spaces and metal structures in the Great Hall with personal projects, either individually or in couples.

These performances will take place continuously throughout the evening, between 7pm and 1am.

The technical work (lights, sound and installations in the different spaces) is directed by Jean François Keller and Sarah Faucon.

Goodbye Fortune Tellers

The Brussels trio Goodbye Fortune Tellers invades the Museum with its garage rock flavoured according to the mood, driven by fuzz lo-fi guitars producing haunting pop vocal melodies.

Their name kind of gives it away: in a defeatist approach close to post-punk the band breaks with the predictable and says goodbye to conscious illusions.

In the wake of glamorously sinister atmospheres Goodbye Fortune Tellers predicts a drama, a story that cannot end well.

The first single City Lights, an ode to the night-time city, between beauty and urban oppression, was presented to the public on 9 September 2022.

Express tours...

An overview of our rich collections guided by young enthusiasts.

And the Artist, an ephemeral gourmet corner!

Set up in the heart of the Bordiau Gallery, to satisfy a food craving, to quench your thirst.



Royal Military Museum

Parc du Cinquantenaire 3
1000 Brussels
From 7pm to 1am
Tickets on sale at: https://www.museumnightfever.be/en/tickets/