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Visual Arms & Armour - Family visit? (child's and adult's armours)

Festive opening weekend of our Arms and Armour Gallery!

On 29 and 30 October 2022, discover our Arms & Armour collection in a newly renovated and expanded hall:

• Exceptional reduced admission fees,
• Festive weekend with animations and re-enactment,
• Access to our brand-new Arms and Armour Gallery,
• Incredible view over Brussels from the Cinquantenaire Arcades,
• Access to all Royal Military Museum galleries,
• And many other surprises…

Panoramisch zicht Brussel Triomfboog

Discover the panoramic view over Brussels!

Through the Royal Military Museum you have access to the terraces on top of the Triumphal Arch in the Cinquantenaire Park. These terraces offer you a unique and spectacular panorama of the Belgian and European capital.